Great Field Trip Ideas for Homeschoolers

Outdoor Activities

Close the books for a day and enjoy these great outdoor activities in the nature. Quality time in the nature will improve your children’s physical and mental health.

•  Botanical gardens 

•  State parks and forests

•  Local lakes

•  Camping in the woods

•  Kayaking 

•  Cave tours  


Historical Sites

Visit historical sites in your area and bring your history lessons to life.

•  State or City capitol

•  Historic birthplace museums

•  Famous cemeteries

•  Museums


Community Service Centers

Teach your student how to serve others by visiting local community service centers.

•  Red Cross

•  Homeless shelter

•  Salvation army

•  Animal rescue center

•  Food bank 


Culture & Fine arts

Culture and art are best taught through first hand experience. Help your student develop good taste in art by visiting some of these sites.

•  Movie theatre

•  Art museum & gallery

•  Local festivals

•  Local concerts or symphonies

•  Pottery studio

•  Photography lesson 


Municipal workers

Teach your children about community workers and how they deal with emergency situations.

•  Fire department

•  Police station

•  Post office


Career interests

Learn more about how and where the products and services you use on a daily basis come from and inspire your student to think about what they want to be when they grow up.

•  Local factory

•  Railway station

•  Farms, orchards, and fish hatcheries

•  Aviation museum

•  Bakery

•  Local power plant

•  Veterinary office

•  Doctor's office

•  Automobile dealer