10 Mid-Year Questions to Ask Yourself

The new year has arrived and this is a great time to evaluate how things were going so far and decide whether or not we should keep going on the path we were on. Here are some questions to ask yourself :

Are my curriculum choices for this year meeting my expectations?

Does the curriculum we are using work with my child's learning style?

Is my student bored or struggling with the work?

Are my children learning the things they need to progress?

Have I scheduled too much for the year?

Should we drop non-essential courses and put more focus on core subjects?

Are my goals realistic?

Are we missing any components for the next semester's courses?

Do we need to add a supplement to fill learning gaps?

Do I need to change curriculum all together?

Once you have established answers to these questions, you can plan out a course of action which often times means researching new curriculum or supplements and then take some time to get things together to finish your school year strong.

It is always a good idea to take time throughout the school year to evaluate how things are going and adjust your homeschooling plans accordingly.

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