3 Key Differences Between Homeschooling and an Online School

To a new homeschooler, the terms homeschooling and online schooling can seem nearly identical, especially if you’re using or considering using an online curriculum. However, these two types of at-home education have a couple significant differences that all homeschoolers should know. Before you make a decision to homeschool, make sure you know these three key differences between homeschooling and choosing an online school.

1. The Role of Parents

In homeschooling, the parents are the primary educators. Whether you choose a teacher-led curriculum, the parent in the home is the one responsible for teaching new content or answering any questions your child may have. Meanwhile, in an online school, certified teachers are available to move students through their studies, grade student work, and answer questions via email, online classrooms, or one-on-one learning situations.

2. Accreditation

No matter how rigorous the curriculum, it cannot be accredited. Instead, only institutions can receive official verification of accreditation through an outside agency. This ensures that a school is meeting or exceeding expectations and is actively improving school standards.

3. School Requirements

While homeschoolers may or may not be reliable to meet state standards depending on where you live, those who attend an online school are expected to meet all school requirements. For example, graduation from an online school may require additional credits than the state or a school may require a certain amount of completed courses to qualify for an accredited diploma from their institution. In addition, completion dates are often firm like they are in traditional schools. Be sure to discuss any specific requirements before enrolling in an online school.

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