5 Ways to Help Readers with Dyslexia

2023.08.16 Reading Horizons Picture1Dyslexia can be a frustrating and challenging condition for both you and your child. But what if we told you that there is software and certain tools available to help your child with dyslexia? Software that has been shown to improve their reading and spelling skills? This program and software has gained increasing popularity with parents and private tutors, and we call it Reading Horizons At-Home.

It’s a comprehensive reading program that provides instruction in phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension. The program is designed to help struggling readers of all ages, including those with dyslexia. We want kids and parents to enjoy their reading experience no matter what challenges are faced! “Learning to Read Made Easy” is our motto!

Let’s dive into five ways in which our program can help children with dyslexia:

  1. Multi-sensory Approach: We use a multi-sensory approach to teaching, which is particularly beneficial for children with dyslexia. The program combines visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning to help students learn new concepts and retain information. Kids who struggle with dyslexia will love this approach because it’s more tailored to them!
  2. Systematic Instruction: You may be wondering what this means. Systematic instruction is a reading approach that breaks down reading into small, manageable steps. Kids with dyslexia often struggle with processing symbolic information (like letters and words) so using this approach will be very helpful for them! It also allows your child to go at their own pace so the stress is much less than traditional instruction (and who doesn’t want less stress in their lives?!)
  3. Decodable Texts: This approach uses books that are written using only the phonetic code that the student has learned. It will help your child with dyslexia to read more fluently and accurately, so they don’t get as frustrated when they see unfamiliar words.
  4. Engaging and Fun: Reading Horizons At Home is designed to be engaging and fun. We want every child here to feel motivated and enthusiastic about their reading experience! The program includes interactive games, videos, and stories, making learning to read more than just a task, but an experience.
  5. Tracking Progress: Our program tracks student progress allowing parents and teachers to monitor their child's improvement. This is particularly helpful for kids with dyslexia, who may need additional support and data on their progress.

Reading Horizons At Home software provides your child with the necessary skills and support to improve their reading and spelling abilities, ultimately boosting their self-confidence and success in school. This is a tool that can change the game of helping dyslexic kids become strong readers and enjoy their reading adventure forever!

Learn More about our Program by visiting our website!

We appreciate our friends at Reading Horizons at Home for sharing with us this week.

Reading Horizons SquareReading Horizons At-Home is a dynamic online platform dedicated to empowering learners of all ages with the skills and love for reading. With a team of dedicated educators, researchers, and developers, we offer an engaging and personalized learning experience. Our adaptive approach, backed by research and best practices, focuses on phonics, decoding, and comprehension strategies, ensuring learners develop a solid foundation in reading. From young learners to adolescents and adults, our user-friendly platform and comprehensive curriculum cater to all, fostering growth, confidence, and a lifelong love for reading. Join us at Reading Horizons At-Home and unlock the power of reading for learners of all ages.

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