Freebie Friday – 7 Sites for Learning Computer Skills

A good working understanding of technology and computer skills are a must for this generation. Here are a few websites that provide free lessons for learning computer science. – Jan's Computer Lessons & Tutorials – At this ad-supported website you will find easy-to-use lessons for learning computer basics as well as how to work with Microsoft Office applications.

Home and Learn Computer Courses – All the courses available at this site are targeted towards the beginner and include tutorials for computer basics, Microsoft Office, a variety of programming languages and more.

MIT OpenCourseware – Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – While you may not be looking for classes in electrical engineering, in this section you will find the computer tech courses. Browse through the list to find a variety of computer science related courses, most of which include video lectures, downloadable handouts, online textbooks and much more.

Alison – IT Courses – This site offers more than 150 IT courses conveniently sorted into sub-categories covering topics such as computer basics, network security, software, game and app development, data science, hardware and software and more.

GCFGlobal – This is a wonderful resource of lessons for all types of technology-based skills including the basics, Microsoft office, internet skills, programming language, creativity and design tools and much more. Most courses consist of online text, video tutorials and interactive activities. There are also Teacher Guides to help with the implementation of the courses.

Intel® Education Teaching Tools and Resources – On this page of the Intel® website you will not only find the popular "The Journey Inside℠" course that uses video, interactive lessons and teaching resources such as lesson plans and handouts to teach students about computers and technology, but check out the "Teaching Idea Showcase" to find teacher submitted units and lesson plans related to technology and STEAM. – This is one of my favorite websites and my go-to for all things relating to coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. The easy to follow information and excellent "Try it Yourself" function makes it great for learning and experimenting with coding skills. Whether your student wants to work through each of the tutorials to build their coding skills or is looking for help with a specific concept, you will probably find it here. There are lessons, exercises, quizzes, examples and much more.