Freebie Friday – Computer Skills and Coding Printables

Having good computer and basic coding skills has become a necessary part of preparing our kids for future. And with the ever-changing nature of technology, having a firm foundation in the basics is a necessary component of their education.

We have rounded up several free resources for offline use in your classroom.

JDaniels4's Mom – Offline Coding Academy – Even young children can learn about coding algorithms with a great selection of themed printables that include penguins, holidays, moon phases, drawing using algorithms with looping, learning to code using children's books, block coding, making liquid starch slime and more. You will also want to check out her Learning the Computer Keyboard Layout – Fill in the Missing Letters. This 8-page PDF to help students become familiar with the keyboard.

K-5 Technology Lab – Use the sidebar menu to find lesson plans, activities, printables in a variety of formats and a whole lot more relating to tech skills for PC, Mac, iPads, and Google.

TLS Books – Computer Basics – This 3-page PDF includes a reading page with short descriptions of CPU memory, input and output as well as a short quiz and answer key. From the same site, there is another simple Computers PDF for testing computer knowledge. – Printable Worksheets – At this website from India you will find a large selection of material to use with your computer studies. While it might take a little digging around to find things and to understand the age level equivalents as well as where to click to download, it will be worth the effort.

Busy Teacher - FREE Computers and Internet Worksheets – There are over 119 worksheets and lessons available for your computer and technology studies in this section of the larger Busy Teacher website. (Hint for locating download button – look in the right-hand sidebar under the Similar Worksheets list.) – Computer Parts Worksheets – On this page you will find printable vocabulary worksheets to use with your computer studies. There are a few steps involved to download the PDFs. Once you see the sheet you want to use, select the "Ready Worksheet" button below the image. After the page loads, scroll down to find the large "Click Here to View And Download PDF File" button (typically under the ad block). When this window opens, scroll to the PDF window and hover over the preview to reveal the download and print icon options. Be careful on this website as there seem to be a lot of ad-related "Download" buttons.

English Language Teaching Resources - Computer Parts ESL Vocabulary Worksheets – You will find some more colorful computer vocabulary worksheets and puzzles at this website.

Skills Workshop – ICT Skills – While this U.K. site is designed primarily for adult learning, there is still lot of good printables as well a PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Office documents and spreadsheets and more that can be used in your classroom. Be sure to preview everything prior to letting your students have access. While some information is quite dated, here are a few that we found that seemed like they would be adaptable for home use:

Essential Skills in ICT Guidebook

Internet Activity / Quiz for Functional ICT

PC Quiz Game

Spreadsheet word wall

Using Google street maps

Backing up files ICT handout

Folders and sub-folders ICT handout

Parts of a computer (includes Bingo cards)

MS Office card game