Freebie Friday – Home Ec: Recipe Sites for Your Classroom

In this age of easy access to getting and sharing information, the internet is overflowing with recipe sites. We have gathered together a few that we thought might be beneficial to use with your home ec studies of cooking or as an added feature with your other studies.

General Recipes:

Spatulatta – Cooking for Kids – If you are looking for kid-friendly recipes, then check out this website that also features videos of children preparing them.

Fit for a Feast – Kids Cooking – This is another website that provides video recipes and cooking ideas for kids.

Recipes for History:

Michigan State University - Feeding America – Check out this collection of online cookbooks from the late 18th to early 20th centuries many of which include traditional food preparation information and home keeping techniques.

Colonial Williamsburg - Historic Foodways Presents History is Served – Discover recipes from the 18th century made with 21st century ingredients.

Cookit - History Cookbook – Check out cooking techniques and recipes throughout the ages from prehistoric times through 1985 broken down into time periods making it easy to locate something to add to your history studies.

Recipes to use with Geography:

Epicurious - Around The World in 80 Dishes – Add some international flavors to your studies of other countries with the recipes and videos in this blog series.

Brit+Co – The 50 Best Recipes From Every U.S. State – Although this site is not targeted for children, you can find a state-specific recipe that you could use to add to your studies.

Cooking Channel - Across the Country in 50 State Dishes – Take a cross-country trip through American with each state's iconic recipe.

Shower of Roses - State-by-State Study – Even though this list is not complete, you can still find recipes specific to a handful of the states.

Recipes to use with Science:

The Accidental Scientist - The Science of Cooking – Recipes for eggs, pickles, candy, bread, meat and more help kids gain an understanding of how science and cooking work hand-in-hand.

STEAM Powered Family - Candy Science – The Chemistry Behind Candy Making With Delicious Recipes – This "sweet" post from homeschool mom, Shelley, provides some wonderful explanations as well as tips and recipes to demonstrate the chemistry behind candy-making.