Freebie Friday - Homeschool Portfolio Printables

It's that time of the year again when homeschool moms are putting together their end-of-the-year portfolios. We wrote about What to Include in Your Homeschool Portfolio the other day so we thought we would gather together some free* resources to help get you started with creating your portfolio.

*Note that for some of these free resources you will need to sign up for the website's newsletter, but you can unsubscribe at any time. I have notated these with an asterisk (*) (Suggestion: I found it helpful to create a separate email account for all homeschool newsletters. This way it is kept separate from my personal or business accounts and easier to manage.)

*Homeschool On – 5 colorful printables for your portfolio with a "handprint" theme for the 2018/2019 school year. Pages include front cover, binder spine inserts, a page for student information, reading list and P.E. Log. Link arrives via email in your inbox.

* – There are 45 pages in the portfolio helper that have a cute academic background theme on each page. This packet includes some tips for creating your portfolio as well as a cover page, divider pages for your subjects including untitled pages for you to fill in what you want, logs for reading, volunteer work, sports group activities, extracurricular activities, field trips, chore charts and a few other useful pages. After signing up, you will see the download link in the sign-up box.

Home Made Lovely – This 16-page download includes a pretty floral cover and a two-color cover, daily schedule sheets (please note that there are names filled in on these but you could probably use white-out or labels to cover those up to add your names), weekly lesson plan and assignment sheets, "All About Me" pages, an attendance record, grade tracker and curriculum, field trip, reading, extra-curricular activities logs. To download, click the image at the bottom of her "Homeschool Record Keeping – How to Create a Homeschool Portfolio in 5 Easy Steps" article. The file will open in Dropbox where you can select your download option.

Pinellas Homeschool Help – While this site is for Pinellas County Florida Homeschoolers, some of the pages in the "Home Education Quick Start Kit" can easily be used for your portfolio. Pages include section dividers for activity categories, folder labels, book and resource lists, and templates to add work samples.

Homeschool Helpers Online – On this page you will find logs for reading, field trips, lessons and time spent as well as an attendance form, curriculum planner, chore chart and a few other forms.

You may also wish to take a look at some of the sites we found in our previous Freebie Friday Post, "25 Free Homeschool Planners," as many of those will have pages you can also use in your portfolio.

Remember that homeschool portfolios are as unique as the homeschooling family and that no two will be exactly alike. Some families choose to keep everything simple and provide only what is needed and others may decide that they want to be creative with their presentation method. Always be sure to check what is required to be included in your portfolio for your location and have fun creating your one-of-a-kind record of your child's school year.