Freebie Friday – Learn about Weather with Owlie Skywarn

Kids will enjoy learning about the weather and weather safety with this website from the National Weather Service. With the help of the National Weather Service's mascot, Owlie Skywarn™ they can explore the science of weather through activities, videos, books and more.

When arriving at the website, select from the following:
Fun with Owlie:

     • Flat Owlie – Printout Owlie and take him along with you as you discover the world of weather safety.

     • Read Owlie's Journal – While it appears this page has not been updated since 2017, visitors can read the older posts to learn all about Owlie's different weather-related news, travel, and activities.

     • Owlie's Weather Ready Activity – This lesson plan teaches families about weather hazards, how to be safe during various weather events and more. It includes 3 components including an online game, Young Meteorologist Game (you will need Flash enabled to play), putting together and emergency supplies kit and developing a communications plan in case of emergency.

     • Become a Young Meteorologist – When you select this option, a message appears letting you know that you will be leaving the NWS website. If you chose the "New Window" option, you can keep the NWS page open. This opens the Young Meteorologist Game from above that kids can test their knowledge of weather safety.

     • The Adventures of Owlie Skywarn and Sanctuary Sam – In this eBook, Sanctuary Sam, the National Marine Sanctuary Systems sea lion mascot, joins Owlie in his adventures to learn how water relates to weather.

Weather Science:

     • Kids and Teens – Download lessons and find activities and experiments as well as visit other websites to learn more about weather, the atmosphere and meteorology.

     • Parents and Teachers – Explore other websites for more weather-related resources.

     • Weird Weather – Discover a variety of weather and atmospheric phenomena at this page.

Weather Safety:

     • Kids and Teens – Kids will find activities and games that encourage building their knowledge of weather safety. There is even a link to "Disney’s Mickey and Friends Disaster Preparedness Activity Book" which is also available in Spanish.

     • Parents and Teachers – Find links to other websites to help understand and teach about emergency preparedness and weather safety.

     • NWS Publications and Brochures – Locate loads of free downloadable PDFs to use in your studies. Topics include air quality, climate, rip currents, cloud and weather charts, wildfire information, winter weather, storm information and much more.

     • Careers – Kids can discover all the different types of job opportunities there are in the weather fields as well as find student employment opportunities and current NWS job openings.

Weather is a fascination topic to explore and this website helps provide great resources to guide students and teachers in their studies.