Freebie Friday – LEGO® Learning Activities

I can still remember a Christmas back in the 1970's when my brother received his first set of LEGO®. We spent many wonderful hours sitting on the floor, letting our imaginations direct our creations. Fast forward to the 90's when we gave our oldest son his first set. It became a passion of his and about the only thing he ever played with. He still loves anything LEGO® and he is an adult now. He has a giant tub of these amazing building blocks from his childhood and he has now introduced the joy he found in creating with them to his son.

There are many websites available that encourage learning using LEGO® and other similar building bricks. Here are a few that we thought you might enjoy visiting.

LEGO® Education - Get ready with Lessons – At this link, you will find over 400 lesson plans that include everything you need to know to incorporate them into your studies. You can also learn the history of LEGO® here with an interactive timeline.

Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls - LEGO - You will find hundreds of LEGO® project instructions, activities and printables on this website.

Walking by the Way – LEGO Unit & Lapbook – Download the 23-page PDF that includes copywork, words of the day, activities, and challenges as well as all the printables needed to create a lapbook of your study.

1 plus 1 plus 1 – LEGO Kindergarten Printables – After reading the post at this link, click on the image at the bottom to be taken to websites Kindergarten Printables page. Look for the same image to download the PDFs for the printables. And, if you are on Pinterest, check out her Lego Theme board for a boatload of LEGO® activity pins.

Homegrown Learners – You will find a lot of wonderful education ideas for using building bricks in your classroom with the search results page on this website.

Teaching Ideas - Ways to Use Lego in the Classroom – On this page you will find loads of ideas for using LEGO® across all subjects.

Encouraging Moms at Home - Teach STEM with LEGO learning – 50 Activities, Free Printables, Games, and More – The post name says it all. This is a linked list of activities.

Learning Montessori Now – Free LEGO Printables and 70+ Learning Activities – This is a great linked list to find even more websites with LEGO® ideas and printables.

Playdough to Plato - 25 Must-Try LEGO Activities – Check out this list of hands-on learning activities for math, reading, and science using LEGO®.

Little Bins Little Hands – The Best Kids Lego Activities – Browse through this list of over 100 linked websites for even more LEGO® themed activities.