Freebie Friday – Palindrome Activities

September 19, 2019 will mark the end of the last palindrome week of this century. defines a palindrome as "a word, line, verse, number, sentence, etc., reading the same backward as forward, as Madam, I'm Adam or Poor Dan is in a droop."

Palindrome weeks are not particularly rare and rely on using the month-day-year format (m-dd-yy). In each century there are nine consecutive years with ten palindrome dates in a row. The next time palindrome weeks will occur will be 2111-2119.

We thought it would be fun to share some activities to do with your family relating to palindromes.

Write Shop – Fun with Palindromes – Play a palindrome writing game with the instructions on this page.

Homeschool with Love – A List of Palindromes and Activities – Homeschool mom, Susan, shares ideas for using palindromes in your classroom.

CBC Kids - Palindromes — they’re the same backwards and forwards! – Kids can learn about palindromes then take the online quiz to test their knowledge.

We created a Palindromes Puzzles book for your to download free that includes a crossword puzzle, word search, fill-in-the-blanks and math activity along with answer keys. Click here to download your free Palindromes Puzzles.

Have fun!