Freebie Friday – Tools for Teaching Fractions

If you have been looking for ideas and practice for your student who is learning fractions, here are several great places to start.

Worksheets: – Printable Fractions Worksheets for Teachers – At this website you will not only find printable visual aids for teaching fractions, but you can also set specific perimeters to create printable worksheets and answer keys for a good variety of worksheets covering all types of functions using fractions. – Fractions – There are over 40 different worksheets on this page of the larger Worksheet Fun website including coloring pages, fraction circle templates, converting to decimal practice pages and more for practice.

Common Core Sheets – Fraction Worksheets – Download pre-created sheets or make your own with the tools on this page that provide an enormous variety of worksheet options. Be sure to browse the sidebar as well for a boatload more of worksheet options across all subjects.

Online tools and games: – Online Fraction Calculator – Looking for help in adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing 2 fractions, then check out this easy to use fraction calculator. Look on the sidebar to locate more Fraction Worksheets.

Math Playgound - Fantastic Fraction and Decimal Games - We mentioned this website the other day in our 5 Tips for Teaching Fractions Early post. The online games are divided into skill levels, "Super Starters," "Brain Builders" and "Cranium Challenges." There are also a few word problem games. Scroll below the games to find video tutorials and online practice tools. You will need Flash installed for some of the games. (Please note that some of the games are for Premium subscribers, but there is plenty of free things available.)

Sheppard Software – Fractions Games – On this homeschool favorite website for free Flash-based educational games, you will find activities for fraction math practice.

Ideas from others to make learning fractions fun:

We Are Teachers – 17 Fun and Free Fraction Games For Kids – This is another web page we mentioned the other day. Here you will find links and instructions for DIY games and activities such as "Fight it out fraction war," "Connect Four Fractions," "Fraction Spoons," LEGO fraction games, and much more.

Simple Living Creative Learning – 20+ Ways for Learning Fractions – Homeschool mom and blogger, Stacey, has a great list of links to for all kinds of fraction-related games and activities such as " Spring Flower Fraction Cards," "Fraction Cookies" and more.

Teacher Thrive – Hands-on Activities for Fractions – Melissa shares 5 fun ideas for great for helping tactile learners comprehend fractions using simple tools you may already have at your ready such as pipe cleaners, pattern blocks, LEGOs and dominoes.