Freebie Friday – Virtual Field Trips – Aquariums

There are so many wonderful aquariums in the United States and here are just a few that provide a way to visit them without leaving home.

University of Hawaii – Waikiki Aquarium – Learn about the wide variety of Hawaiian sea life as well as view the Hawaiian Monk Seal Habitat webcam at this site.

Maui Ocean Center – Live Cam & Gallery - Watch live cams and explore the video gallery of this aquarium then check out the Ocean Education Classroom for coloring pages, activities, videos and more.

Monterey Bay Aquarium – Live Web Cams – Take a peek into the world of the Monterey Bay Aquarium through several webcams featuring their aviary, coral reef, kelp forest, open sea display as well as their jellyfish, sea otter, shark and penguin cams.

Oregon Coast Aquarium – Explore the exhibits at this aquarium including the Sandy Shores, Rocky Shores, Coastal Waters, Oxford Reef, Halibut Flats, Open Sea as well as creature specific exhibits such as the Seabird Aviary, Sea Otters, Harbor Seals, Sea Lions, Turkey Vultures and the Giant Pacific Octopus.

National Aquarium – This aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland, provides a window seat to the over 20,000 creatures living there as well as live cams for the Blacktip Reef Sharks, Blue Blubber Jellies and the Pacific Coral Reef display. There are also many at-home activities available to use in your classroom.

Georgia Aquarium – Kids Corner – On this page of the larger website, kids will find the Underwater Puffin Webcam, Ocean Voyager Webcam, and the Indo-Pacific Barrier Reef Webcam as well as education videos, animal learning links, lesson plans and more.

Seattle Aquarium – Experience Aquarium Anywhere – At this link you will not only find sea otter and harbor seal webcams, but also virtual field trips hosted on YouTube, educational videos, activities, fact sheets and more.

Aquarium of the Pacific – You can browse the exhibits using the link in the upper menu but then you will want to check out the wonderful online program called Aquarium Online Academy where you will find live classes, lesson plans activities and a whole lot more.

The Florida Aquarium – Discover the animals at this aquarium by exploring the exhibits online through images and text.

Tennessee Aquarium – Animals & Exhibits – Check out the Secret Reef, Penguins Rock and River Otter Falls webcams at this site, then learn about all the exhibits at this aquarium through texts, images and videos.

Mystic Aquarium – In addition to the Penguin Habitat live stream, you can also find other educational resources and information about Facebook live events.

Shedd Aquarium – Animals – Get to know the animals at this aquarium by exploring the images, texts and videos from this page.

Texas State Aquarium – Discover the creatures of 18 habitats including Coral Reef, Caribbean Sea, Dolphin Bay, Aquatic Nursery, Stingray Lagoon, Islands of Steel, Swamp Tales, Flower Gardens, Eagle Pass, Otter Creek, Tortuga Cay and more. You will also find some teaching resources here.