How can parents best help their homeschool children learn a language?

We are often asked about parental involvement when children want to tackle a new language. Most often parents do not know the new target language themselves, and they feel at a total loss knowing what to do. How can they help their kids find the confidence they need to master a new language? We recommend keeping these five ideas in mind.

a) Pick an excellent language program, one grounded in everyday vocabulary, essential grammar, and a window into new cultures. Be certain that the program moves at a reasonable pace, one that allows your child to master new material while not having to spend an entire year speaking only in the present tense! I have always felt that programs that have a student speak only in the present tense for an entire year is a type of torture! Kids are eager to talk about what happened yesterday, last week or even last year.

b) Provide the structure that your child needs to succeed. A good first-year course will introduce students to the present tense, some past tenses and a way to talk about the future. For most high school students, a beginning level program should be finished in one year. For middle school students, they may want to spread a beginning course over two years. Help your child map out a plan of attack. Find a program that guides you, as a parent, to helping your child find a suitable pace. Make a calendar of homework and assessments, being certain your child sticks to it. Check in with them. Ask them to show you their homework.

c) Use a program where children can check their answers immediately! When little children learn a language, parents are right at their side modeling new vocabulary and helping kids learn immediately. If kids have a question, it is answered on the spot! When learning a new language, students should be able to check each answer immediately, whether with a written answer key, or, if online, by clicking on a button to see a correct answer. IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK helps a student tremendously. Even if they get something wrong, a correct answer will help them succeed on the following question. In addition, a parent can help their children by grading chapter tests using an answer key provided by the program.

d) Find some way for students to practice aloud with a native /fluent speaker. Even if it is only for 10 minutes a week, some conversational practice helps students connect their studies with real life communication. There is nothing better! Perhaps a neighbor? A friend? A friend of a friend? By Zoom. By phone. In person. There are also some wonderful programs, such as Time2Talk, where students can speak for as many minutes as desired, for a very reasonable price, with a native speaker. Breaking the Barrier has recently partnered with Time2Talk to offer conversation coaching for Spanish.

e) Consider learning a new language yourself. Taking the leap yourself as a parent shows your children that you, too, are willing to walk the path alongside them. Families learning together often find out how much fun it can be to speak a new language. I have always felt that learning a new language can make someone feel vulnerable. The ability to speak a new tongue that is understood by others allows you to share your thoughts, feelings and dreams. At the beginning, one can feel frustrated. Yet, working together can reap rich rewards: a built-in support system for the challenges as well as a built-in place for the joys of making progress together.

We want to thank our friends at Breaking the Barrier for sharing with us today.

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