How Involved Should I Be in My Child's Education?

If you are a homeschooling parent, I bet these questions sound familiar: how involved should I be in my child’s education? Should I let my elementary-aged child learn independently from the curriculum? Do I need to actively teach my high schooler? Because each child is unique in their own way, the answer to these questions will depend on your child’s specific needs. However, as your child grows, your role as a teacher changes. Continue reading to discover how your involvement levels should change as your child develops.

Grades PreK-5th: Heavy Involvement

Generally, kids at this age learn best from hands-on lessons, visual instructions, and question-based learning. You will more than likely be heavily involved in your child’s education at this point, interacting with your child in each subject as they learn basic, lifelong skills. Learning at this age should be fun, and your student will love spending time with you while they are learning.

Grades 6-8: Medium Involvement

As your child enters middle school, they will become increasingly more independent. As they do, this is a good time to step back your involvement slightly and help them develop the skills they need to accomplish their learning goals on their own. Setting and enforcing a schedule is one way to allow your child to be independent while ensuring that their work is getting done. Help your student when necessary, but encourage them to work independently as much as they can.

Grades 9-12: Minimal Involvement

By the time your child reaches high school, they should be able to complete the majority of their work independently and self-teach. You will probably be minimally involved in their education at this point. Your involvement will most likely include checking that all schoolwork is completed and is correct. Additionally, you should ask critical thinking questions to gauge how well your child understands what they are learning.

Don’t forget! Every day is different. Your child may need or want you to be minimally involved one day and heavily involved the next. If you are flexible and listen to your child’s needs, you will demonstrate the appropriate level of involvement no matter your child’s age!