How to Approach Your Unmotivated Student

As we trek through this school year, you may notice your student becoming unmotivated, easily frustrated, and sluggish. We have all experienced days when sitting on the couch, eating chocolate, and watching Netflix seemed like the best use of our time, and there will be days that your student feels the same. The solution to this mindset of procrastination and avoidance may not be what you expect. Below are a few ways to approach your unmotivated student and get them back on track.

· Accept it and Try Again Tomorrow

Sometimes, the best response is no response at all! Ask your student about how they are feeling and what the source of those feelings is. Approach them with grace and understanding, and let them know that it is normal to feel unmotivated at times. Encourage them to do what they can today and finish the rest another time.

· Learn Together

Your child may be feeling unmotivated because they are confused or intimidated by their work. Sitting with your child, doing the homework together, and discussing it will increase their confidence and communicate your love for them! When you come alongside your child, your parent-child bond will grow stronger as they lean on you for support.

· Take a Break

Planning frequent breaks into your school schedule will give your students time to rest their minds and prepare for the work ahead. Taking a fifteen-minute walk is a great way to get your student moving around and allows them to reset their goals and focus for the rest of the day. Snack breaks are also a great way to refuel for the next subject; you can even make snack breaks a time to try new foods and discover flavors from various cuisines!

· Be spontaneous

Flexibility is the most splendid attribute of homeschooling! If your student is feeling unmotivated or frustrated, be spontaneous by taking them to their favorite ice cream shop or going to their favorite park. You can use this reward as a motivation for them to finish their work, or you can take an hour or so to be spontaneous before returning to your school day.