Our Top 5 Programs For Addressing Dyslexia

As a mom with a son who was not diagnosed with dyslexia until after he was brought home to homeschool in 5th grade, I can tell you that those 5 years prior were some of the most frustrating times we shared. If you have a child that struggles with reading because of dyslexia, here are a few online tools available at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op that have helped other families face and conquer the struggles associated with dyslexia.

Touch-Type Read and Spell – TTRS not only teaches touch-typing skills to children, but it incorporates structured word lists based on the work of Orton and Gillingham, making it especially useful for learners with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

Co-op Member, T. Pye says:

We LOVE our TTRS subscription! I like that they can do it independently. My younger two like that they can see their grade and WPM with each lesson. My oldest has ASD, dyslexia and dysgraphia and is finally able to spell and write! He was so proud of himself when he discovered he could actually type comments while playing Minecraft and have other kids understand him.

Reading Assistant Plus – This self-paced program uses speech recognition technology paired with scientifically-based interventions to help children build reading and fluency skills.

MeganB shared:

Our 5th grade boy is an out-of-the-box, creative thinker. He is also dyslexic and has ADHD. We have tried multiple reading programs and none have improved his fluency or made him feel as if he's accomplished something. Reading Assistant has changed that for us - finally!! He looks forward to doing his reading every day. It's challenging but not impossible. His fluency is slowly improving. Today he met his fluency goal for the first time and you would have thought it was Christmas!

Learning Ally – This non-profit organization provides unlimited access to 80,000 audiobooks, including thousands of popular titles and over 50,000 audio textbooks to students with learning disabilities and visual impairments.

This is what Anna had to say about Learning Ally:

Due to my son's dyslexia he did not like to read aloud before because it was a struggle. It was a painful process for the both of us. He would always ask how much time was left. Now with Learning Ally he doesn't even ask and can go for 30-60 minutes with no questions asked. I love the text to speech and how it highlights the sentence for him to follow along. Now he can read the same books as his peers. We love it!

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach – This comprehensive reading program uses individual learning plans that automatically adapt to a student's needs and provides one-on-one instruction through the use of virtual instructors.

Crystal L. told us:

An amazing program! My 10 year old is dyslexic and of course has always struggled with reading. We began using the MindPlay program 2 months ago and her reading skills have grown by leaps and bounds. This program is definitely better than any others we have worked with. It offers a full reading program including phonics, spelling. comprehension and more!

Dyslexia Gold – Dyslexia Gold is a unique program that addresses the problems of poor eye control and poor phonological awareness, which are leading stumbling blocks in children with dyslexia.

Lisa R. shared this:

This is a terrific program! It's not glitz and glamour like most on the market, but my almost 11 year old really likes it. It goes over all the reversals common to dyslexia, but also focuses on eye training using 3D glasses and fun games. The inclusion of a spelling tutor is also helpful as my daughter is working on dysgraphia. HIGHLY Recommended!!!!