Reading Programs Made Just For Your Struggling Reader

Did you know that reading is one of the most important skills to develop? There are so many kids who struggle to read, but perhaps haven’t been presented with the type of reading instruction that their brain needs! Students with reading struggles or dyslexia need systematic, sequential, structured reading instruction, or they may never develop the ability to become a strong reader. Technology is a great tool to support this kind of instruction, and to help people learn to read proficiently. Reading Horizons At-Home has two programs that have helped many parents and kids develop the necessary reading skills to thrive! We call these programs Discovery and Elevate.

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Discovery is a program that is ideal for beginning readers, and it's designed to help them learn the fundamentals of reading in a child-friendly way. It uses a phonics-based approach, which is proven to be highly effective in teaching reading. Phonics-based instruction teaches the relationship between letters and sounds, and it's a key component of learning to read.

Discovery is a web-based program, so it can be accessed from anywhere. That’s right, anywhere! The program is highly interactive and engaging, with colorful graphics and animations that will keep your child's active mind interested and motivated. Discovery has six lesson chapters, with a total of 100 lessons, and the program is designed to be self-paced, so learners can move at their own speed. Reading Horizons - 6.21.2023 Picture2It also includes progress monitoring assessments and a full decodable library, which gives your child the opportunity to practice their skills in fun stories and non-fiction texts. 

What’s the catch you may ask? Well, there isn’t one! Here at Reading Horizons At-Home, we want your discovery experience to continue to build and grow! By the end of the program your reader is able to read and decode words with confidence and will have the skills to enjoy reading independently! 


Elevate is another web-based program, designed for readers who are generally 10 and up. Elevate follows the same general curriculum progression as Discovery, but the lessons are presented in a more mature way (without the cartoon characters and funny voices!). Like Discovery, Elevate is a systematic phonics-based program, but it has more advanced features like a reading passage library, which gives students the opportunity to use their skills in authentic text, and focuses on building reading fluency and comprehension. It will also provide you with a Lexile Level for your child, so that you can not only gauge their progress over time, but can choose other books that are in their own range of reading proficiency.Reading Horizons - 6.21.2023 Picture3

Elevate is also designed to be self-paced, and it has 6 lesson chapters, with 95 total lessons. The program includes interactive activities and games, a vocabulary word wall (to practice spelling and improve vocabulary), and learners receive immediate feedback on their progress throughout each lesson. The program also uses a coin-earning system that allows readers to earn new activities and see the progress they’ve made.

The program has also been used successfully for ESL students (language packs for Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, or Japanese can be added at a small additional cost) and even adults who need some TLC with their reading abilities! Join the Reading Horizons At-Home experience and enjoy the progress you get to see as you watch your child succeed!


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Thank you to our friends at Reading Horizons At-Home for this week's guest post.

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