Should Homeschoolers Take Holiday Breaks?

As we approach the holiday season, our schedules begin to fill up and our priorities change. For many families, the holidays are a great time to take a break from homeschooling and relax with loved ones. Other families prefer to school through the holidays, only taking a couple of days off at a time. Both approaches offer benefits that your family may appreciate.

Benefits of Schooling Year-Round

When schooling year-round, your students’ skills stay sharp; they will not forget the essential topics they have already learned because they are continuously interacting with them. For example, your students may diligently practice difficult math concepts before the holidays. However, once the busyness of their holiday break ceases, they no longer remember the math that they worked rigorously to understand. If they do not take a long break, they are more likely to retain what they have learned.

Schooling year-round also allows students to work more slowly on the subjects they find difficult. Following a daily school routine will help students learn at their own pace. Additionally, a continuous school plan will allow you to implement a lifestyle of learning so that learning organically integrates with everyday life. This year-round approach works best for kids who thrive on repetition and routine.

Benefits of Taking Holiday Breaks

Some students see a greater benefit from taking holiday breaks. Extended breaks will prevent students from experiencing burnout and provide a refreshing interruption from the monotony of schooling. Holiday breaks will encourage students to improve their mental health by pursuing their interests and building family memories. Furthermore, students will develop their social skills as they interact with friends and family at holiday events.

The greatest perk of holiday breaks is that your students’ stress levels will decrease significantly. Kids will have the opportunity to enjoy their childhood, setting aside the responsibilities that come with being a student. Surrounded by family and friends, your students will rest their minds and muster up the perseverance they need to finish the school year.