Take Your Learning Outside

Spring has arrived and as the weather warms up, why not enjoy a change of scenery, and take learning outside? Below are some great ways to have make learning fun in the great outdoors.

  1. Go on a nature walk. Take a walk in a park, nearby woods, or in your own back yard. Check out Jimmie Quick’s post 100 Things to Do Before, During, or After a Nature Walk for great ideas to get you going.
  2. Visit a new-to-you park or national historic landmark.
  3. Plan and plant a garden. If you are new to gardening with kids, the Gardeners Path can help with their Your Go-to Guide for Gardening with Children and other beginning gardener posts.
  4. Pick wildflowers and press them to make a bookmark. Learn how on Sprouting Wild Ones blog. Take favorite books outside to read and use your new bookmark to keep your place.
  5. Have a bug hunt. Head over The Homeschool Compass and download their Insect Activity Book, as well as some other awesome booklets including Spring Nature Study Printables, Flower Nature Study Printables and more. Please note that you will have to enter your email to have access the free printables.
  6. Bird watch. The Audubon website has tips for encouraging young birdwatchers as well as a link to a free bird identifying app.
  7. Fly a homemade kite. Learn about aerodynamics with this lesson plan and instructions for making and experimenting with a sled kite from Science Buddies.
  8. Blow homemade bubbles. Try this simple bubble recipe from Artful Parent or this recipe from Happy Hooligans for making giant bubbles.
  9. Play with sidewalk chalk. Ideas for using sidewalk chalk as a learning tool are limited to only your imagination. What Moms Love shares 101 ideas to spark your creativity.
  10. Star gaze. The American Museum of Natural History has a great kid page to get you started. Kids interested in astronomy will enjoy the other activities and information in the astronomy section the AMNH Ology site.