Things Homeschool Students Want Their Parents to Know

Being homeschooled is a unique experience, and many students wish their parents understood homeschooling from the students’ point of view. The four ideas listed below will give you insight into the mind of your student and help you understand what they struggle to communicate.

First, students want their parents to know that they are looked down upon because they are homeschooled. Frequently, homeschooled students are mocked and shamed by those who attend school. This treatment is hurtful and may make students resent homeschooling.

Secondly, students need their parents to be patient. When your students are struggling to grasp new concepts, remember that the ideas that seem commonplace to you are foreign to them. In moments of frustration, your students need gentle encouragement and instruction, not harsh tones and criticism.

Third, allow your students to be independent, especially when they are in high school. Homeschool students spend most of their time with their parents; sometimes they need time alone with friends! By encouraging your students to spend time with their friends, you let your students know that you trust and respect them, and your relationship with your students will grow stronger as a result.

Finally, remember that you are a parent first and foremost. Your students look to you as an example of how a parent should behave; use this to your advantage by being a positive example! Your children will adopt your behavior patterns as they grow and may even implement these behaviors when they are parents.