Top 5 Biggest Homeschooling Challenges

1. Fighting against the stigma

Despite the growing number of homeschooling families across the country, many homeschoolers still face challenges with people who are unsupportive or ignorant of homeschooling. Whether you're dealing with concerned looks from a relative or nosy questions from a neighbor, remember that most of those questions come out of sheer curiosity or wish to understand your experience. When faced with doubters, remember you can always take the high road and introduce them to a new concept that is homeschooling and explain that you have made a decision to homeschool your children with their very best interest in mind.

2. Overscheduling

If you're an ambitious go-getter looking to make the most out of homeschooling for your student, you're most likely looking to extend your student's learning beyond the home classroom to museums, libraries, community sports clubs, and so on. While extracurricular activities are an amazing way to enrich your homeschool experience, make sure your student or you don't burn out from them. Limit yourself to a reasonable number of activities at a time and always have time to evaluate and reflect on your homeschool experience to move forward. Remember, homeschooling is a marathon, not a sprint! 

3. Staying informed

Finding a group of fellow homeschoolers to exchange tips and information with can be challenging when you don't have homeschooling families in the immediate vicinity. Consider joining a local homeschooling co-op or email lists from organizations such as Great Homeschool Conventions or Homeschool Buyers Co-op to stay tuned for latest homeschool trends and tips. 

4. Being a jack of all trades

Homeschool parents often have to juggle responsibilities of parent and teacher and it can be quite overwhelming, to say the least. There will be days when the dirty floors loom into your view during math lessons, or your child bombards you with questions while you're making dinner. One way to unload some of the burdens off your shoulders is making chores into a shared activity for the entire family. Make a house chore schedule for the family or take fun online cooking classes like Kids Cook Real Food to teach your children responsibility and equip them with good habits. 

5. Remembering that you're not alone in it

You might often feel like the sole responsibility for your children's education falls on your shoulders. On good days, that feeling will be motivating, thrilling, and empowering. However, there might also be bad days when you have doubts and fears. On those days, always remember that you're not alone in this! Communicate with your spouse and share the responsibilities as small as house chores to making big decisions, and join local homeschool communities to share your struggles and tips.