5 Easy STEAM Activities to Do When It Snows

Has it been snowing in your part of the world? Now is a great time to explore STEAM learning opportunities using the lovely white stuff. Here are 5 simple ideas to get you started.

Science - Snow Volcano – Explore chemical reactions with a twist on the classic baking soda and vinegar volcano experiment. Little Bins for Little Hands explains how to build a colorful snow volcano.

TechnologyPaper Snowflake Maker – No snow in the forecast for you? No problem. Use this online tool to design your own snowflake. You can save the image and then print it out.

Engineering - Construct a Snow Plow – Challenge children to use items from around the house to design a snow removal system. The Homeschool Scientist shares lesson plan ideas to add this engineering activity to your studies.

ArtSnow Paint – Using just water, food coloring, and squirt bottles, kids can design their own masterpieces in the snow. Warning: Be careful when using food coloring as it can stain. Be sure to set guidelines for kids to only use in the snow and be sure to wash any clothing right away that the "paint" may have spilled on.

MathMeasuring Snow – With this simple experiment kids can practice measuring skills as well as discover how much water is in snow.

So bundle up and head outdoors to give these creative learning activities a try.