Apple Themed Resources for Young Learners

It's September and this is the perfect time of the for a theme study of apples with your younger students. There are loads of wonderful resources all across the internet, so we gathered a few here to get you started.

General Apple Resources:

With theses resources you can discover apple varieties, history, orchards, recipes, nutrition information and more.

Washington Apple Commission – Discover fun apple facts, watch videos, learn about Johnny Appleseed and more.

Michigan Apples – Under the "Just for kids" link find activities, games, and other teacher resources.

The California Apple Commission – Look under the "Other Slices" drop down menu to find "Education" then the "Classroom Materials" link to find a nice selection of downloadable PDFs to use in your studies including information sheets, coloring pages, and more. Please note that it appears that the activities on the "Games and Puzzles" page no longer work.

Connecticut Apples – Check under the various options in the "Resources" section for coloring pages, posters, videos, worksheets and more.

Idaho Apples – Select the "Students and Teachers" link on the left-hand sidebar for a 2-page downloadable fact sheet with word search.

New England Apples – Expand the "Education" drop down menu at the top of the home page to locate videos and information about Cider, The Four Seasons, From Flower to Fruit and Nutrition and more.

Early learner unit packs:

A Teaching Mommy – Free Apple Printables – Click on the image for the Preschool Pack or tot pack to download a variety of apple themed worksheets for language arts, math, games and more.

The Reading Mama – Free Apple Pre-K/K Pack – Over 50 pages of activities in color and black and white to print out and do with your little learner.

3 Dinosaurs: Apple Pack – This is a huge packet with loads of printable activities for language arts and math.

Language Arts:

Kindergarten Worksheets and Games: Free Apple Sight Word Activity – Using a tree and apple letter printouts, download this cute tool for your child to practice sight words.

Royal Baloo, and Logi-Bear too: Apple Syllable Sorting Game Free Printable – Kids can practice counting syllables with this fun printable. Images are on the apples which are then sorted into the number baskets. Add your own word images to the blank apple included.

Teach with Me: Antonym Apples with Synonym Leaves – This is a cute matching game printable to work on antonym and synonym skills.

Teach with Me: Apple Activity Packet – With this 32-page packet your young ones can practice letter recognition, counting and sorting and more.


First Grader at Last: Appletivities. . .and 2 Apple Freebies – Only with some apple activity ideas, this teacher shares 2 cute downloadable resources. One is an apples non-fiction features mini booklet and the other is an apple basket addition printable.

Itsy Bitsy Fun: Apple Tree Math Folder Game – Your kids can have fun practicing their addition math facts up to 10 with this apple theme file folder freebie.

Totschooling: Free Apple Number Puzzles – With this free printable, match the apple half with the correct number of seeds with the other half of the apple displaying the right number.

123Homeschool4me: Free Apple Math for Kids – In addition to ideas for math and other apple themed activities, download a companion printable for some of the suggested activities.


The Helpful Garden: Parts of the Fruit Nomenclature Cards and Little Books – Learn about the parts of an apple with these free printables.

A Little Pinch of Perfection: The Parts of an Apple Color, Read, and Learn Free Printable Book – Similar to the other above, kids can learn about the parts of an apple with this download.

Coffee Cups and Crayons: Apple Seed Science Experiment – Give this simple experiment a try and enjoy the results.

Pre-K Pages: Apple Science Experiment – See how different liquids affect apples with this experiment. There is also a free apple experiment recording sheet for the kids to record their results.

Little Bins for Little Hands: Apple STEM Activities for Kids – This blogger shares science activity ideas to do in your own home.

Sarah's Teaching Snippets: Apple Activities – Kids can use the printable to record the weight, measurement and floating properties of their apple.

Most of these resources are for Pre-K through 3rd grade students, but you may be able to modify some to use with a slightly older student.