Essential Skills I Learned as a Homeschool Student

I was homeschooled K-12 and am now a senior in college. Although transitioning from homeschooling to college was scary, I was completely prepared for the challenges awaiting me, and I have my homeschool education to thank.

Below are five of the essential skills I learned as a homeschooled student that prepared me for college.

  1. Time Management
    The ability to manage time is beneficial in every aspect of life. Because homeschool students have increased freedom to pursue their interests, they learn how to balance important responsibilities with fun extracurriculars, reducing stress levels and over commitment in college.
  2. Self-Motivation
    Homeschool students receive individualized instruction, so they are expected to meet deadlines and produce their best work without fail. Since homeschoolers learn that procrastination is not acceptable, they will develop a desire to be punctual. These behaviors become natural, benefitting homeschoolers in higher education and beyond.
  3. Independence
    Often, homeschool students work independently, which helps them learn how to think for themselves and be self-reliant. When facing a difficult situation such as a challenging project or pressure from peers, homeschoolers possess the skills they need to respond without being influenced by outside sources.
  4. Household Management
    Because homeschooled students spend most of their time at home, they learn basic home economics, such as how to cook, clean, do laundry, manage finances, and be hospitable from their parents. These basic skills are not only vital in college but in every stage of life.
  5. Communication
    Many homeschooling parents fear that their students will not be able to communicate effectively; however, even the youngest homeschool students learn how to communicate well. They are taught to respect those in authority, whether the authority is a parent, a co-op teacher, or the leader of their extracurricular. Homeschool students learn how to ask for help and work in groups of various ages.

This list is simply the beginning of the wonderful life skills that homeschooled students learn! Homeschooling is a truly enriching experience, and students learn practical life skills that they would not otherwise have.