Freebie Friday – Resources for Veterans Day

November 11th is Veterans Day in America and a great time to teach children about the importance and sacrifices of our military and their families. Here are several places you will find ideas and activities to add to your study of Veterans Day.

US Department of Veteran's Affairs – History of Veterans Day – Learn how the recognition of Veterans Day can to being with the text and images on this page of this site. You may also like to take a look at the Veterans Day Poster Gallery here. These could be used to inspire your students to create their own poster or perhaps be used as inspiration for creative writing activities.

Apples4theTeacher – Veterans Day Activities – Check out this linked list for Veterans Day teaching ideas, activities, worksheets, puzzles, and information.

ThoughtCo – Veterans Day Lessons – After reading the first post in this group, scroll down to see other related posts for a variety of lesson plan ideas as well as a few printable puzzles.

3 Dinosaurs – Free Veterans Day Pack – Download this themed packet for young children that includes activities for pre-writing skills, matching, problem solving and more.

Homeschool Journeys – Veterans Day Printables – This 11-page printable includes puzzles, games, worksheets and more.

TeAchology – Veterans Day Worksheets – Choose from 16 different worksheets including word puzzles, vocabulary skill builders and more.

Big Activities – Veteran's Day Activities – Theme – On this index page of the site you find a variety of coloring pages, connect-the-dot activities, word puzzles, mazes, story starters and crafting ideas.

Math Worksheets Land – Veteran's Day Worksheets – Add some Veteran's Day themed math activities to your study with these free worksheets. (Please not that there are also paid member only activities on this page.)

Kids Thank a Veteran – Teacher Activities, Songs and Clip Art – On this page of the larger Kids Thank a Veteran website you will find activity ideas, patriotic song lyrics a printable Veterans Day scavenger hunt and more.

The Holiday Zone - Printable Puzzles and Worksheets for Veterans Day – In additional to word puzzles and mazes, you will also find word and vocabulary worksheets and coloring pages. Click on the red bullets beside the activity you want to download.

Coloring Home – Veterans Day Coloring Pages Free – Select from 33 different coloring pages to print and use in your classroom.

The Teaching Oasis – Veterans Day Booklet – Find the link in the update note at the top of the post for this and many other social studies printables from this blogger. The link opens in Google Drive where you will need to scroll though the items to locate the Veterans Day printables. (You will also be pleasantly surprise at all the other cool freebies she has at this link.)

Evan-Moor – Teaching Kids About Veterans Day: Activities and Books – In addition to a great suggested reading list, download a template and instructions for creating a standing folded paper soldier that includes a printable thank you poem.

Thank you to all our veterans for their dedicated service to our country. You and your families are appreciated every day and valued greatly in our hearts.